Up Date on Model 4 Commuter

It’s a done deal. The car is purchased and in our possession. Paul Gerhardt has fixed the brakes and other problems resulting from years of storage and has it essentially ready to go. Lee is working on getting it insured so folks can drive it (at least around the parking lot) at the Jam in Warsaw, Indiana (August 6-7-8). We raised the $2,500 and David Funk matched it. There were also enough donations to cover the needed renovations and enlarging the Athens display area. There were lots of donors, mostly small amounts. Something we as a club can feel awfully good about!

Let’s Complete the Athens Display of King Midgets!

If you go to the King Midget's Club website’s list of King Midget Vehicles, you’ll see one called the “Commuter,” also known as the Model 4.

If you go to the Mall on State in Athens, you’ll see a display of all King Midget vehicles—except one—the Commuter. It is the rarest of all King Midgets.

Now we have an opportunity to buy a Commuter—an original, factory complete example that’s been stored for all these years since new in the collection of John Weitlauf. He and wife Sally have offered to sell it to the Club for display in Athens for $5,000, a fourth it’s appraised value.

Should we do it? Well, not from the Club’s Treasury. That’s to fund Club operations. We asked the membership in a recent survey and there was strong support for the purchase, including a majority of the respondents indicating willingness to make a contribution.

If we can raise $2,500 by year-end 2014, David Funk, Grandson of Dale Orcutt, has offered to match those contributions, the Commuter will be ours and the Athens display will be enlarged to contain a good example of every King Midget.

Some of you have already agreed to make contributions to this project, and perhaps have already sent in your check? Almost half the needed funds for “the members’ half” have been already been raised and we need the rest by year end. Please send your check soon if you wish to support this project.

Will you help? Send a tax deductible contribution to our Treasurer, Rene Briere (her address is in your membership list and on page four of King Midget News).

Let’s Not Let this Opportunity Slip Away!