Hot rides from the 2015 Greenwood Car Show

I love showing off this little piece of American auto history and really appreciate Linda Hughes thinking our car was cute enough to warrant including in her article.

Highly unusual for a northwest car show, there were two King Midgets at the 2015 Greenwood Car Show and the ’67, owned by Duane Benedict from Saint Helens Oregon, took the Orphan Award.

As many can probably attest, I usually find my 1969 KM to be unique wherever it goes.

You never know who is taking the photo of you or your car and where it will appear. So how very fortunate that Santa was in-frame when the photographer was snapping this photo. 

Seeing a car that makes frequent visits around my local community in the paper with Santa was what caught the attention of a friend who alerted me to my moment of fame. Otherwise I surely would have missed it.

Another factor that I think helped get this car into the paper was the large sign I always put up. The photographer can simply snap a few associated photos and back in the darkroom knows everything without asking questions or trying to compare scrawled notes.

Yeah, I know a younger crowd will be asking what a darkroom is, but most KM owners can quickly explain, right?