1. More on Lonny’s Midgets:

The red Model 3 at left belongs to KMW member Lonny Kirschbaum from Olympia,Washington. His mom and dad bought it when Lonny was 12 years old, and he is now 55, with quite a bit of energy. He restored that car and is working on the wicked KM behind.

It’s built on a ‘69 KM frame and has a Hayabusa motorcycle engine. As you can see from the top photo, it has some King Midget sheet metal ...  and the bottom shot gives a peek at what’s underneath. Quite a bit of stuff going on there, as befits handling all that power.

But Lonny retained the basic frame and tidbits like the windshield frame ... everything KM he could find a use for.

No, that body hanging above won’t fit the modified car, but Lonny plans to use the original bumpers, windshield wipers and other tidbits. If he brings this car to one of our meets, he has to make each cruise three times while the rest of us do it once. And if he wants to run with us—better bring the red job.