Jerry Galland is a member from Washington State who has a 1969 Model 3. He operates a business called Cutting Light, using lasers to do all sorts of interesting stuff.

Shown here is a laser cut King Midget Model 3, which was on display at the 2014 Lompoc KMW meet. It is available with a "crate" much like the ones originally used to ship King Midgets.

Bob V. (that's me) assembled this example. I took the trouble (not much trouble!) to sand the ends of most of the tabs, to minimize the effect of laser burn, and that probably doubled the assembly time. Assembly was easy because the parts fit with amazing precision, and the scale is well done.

The top is removable to better see the inside details. A rubber band "tie-down strap" holds the top in place when it's in the shipping container.  The container doubles as a nice display stand.

If you'd like to see a video of the assembly process, here's a link:

During the Lompoc Meet, Jerry's Model was on display on the hood of my Model 3 and attracted a lot of attention. Of course, all King Midgets do that!

Jerry offers these on eBay. If you'd like one of your own, the kit including shipping crate is available directly from Jerry for $33. Every KM mantle should have one!

Jerry Galland
P.O. Box 1843
Milton, WA 98354

Phone: 253-838-8692