Another use of a King Midget

The Seventy-Sixth Annual Installation of Officers was held for the Antelope Valley Emblem Club #76 on 21 March 2015. This is a service organization in which volunteers earn money and give it back to the community. For the new president Cynthia Brehm this would be her second time around for this office. She was the president in 2013 and now in 2015 will again accept the responsibility for the office. As you can see below, she selected the following to guide her through her reign as president:

                                                                                Theme: Traveling With Emblem
                                                                                Flower: California Poppy
                                                                                Song: On the Road Again 
                                                                                Colors: Yellow, Black, and Orange
                                                                                Motto: Make Time to Enjoy the View 
This is where the King Midget came into play! At the installation reception Ted and Ardith Richardson’s King Midget Model III was on display to provide a back drop for all 5 of these items. The King Midget was a great hit with everyone, even the color blended into the décor!

Cynthia Brehm in the King Midget Model III.

"Traveling with Emblem"

Ted Richardson with the King Midget Model III.

"California Poppies"

King Midget with music playing in the background.

"On the Road Again"

Table settings with King Midget in the background heading down Route 66, with the colors.

"Yellow, Black and Orange"

Ted Richardson getting the car and driver in place.

"Making Time to Enjoy the View"